Guest Post: Learning the Language of Psychology

Husna is a student in Year 13 at a local secondary school. This week, she spent time on a work experience placement, in the Department of Psychology, with me. Here, she reflects on her experiences.

I have spent three days working with Sian Jones in the Psychology department of Brookes University, Headington Campus. I chose to take on this experience because I spent my first year of A-levels really enjoying psychology as a subject. I feel like it may be something to consider at university so working with Sian has given more understanding about the subject.

On the first day, I found Sian in her office and she showed me to my own. She told me about her research project and I found it really interesting and I was happy to learn more about it and work with her. I was told to create a document that had a list of all the primary schools in Oxfordshire in order to use them for some possible research studies into the friendship subject. It was a really interesting experience since I haven’t done much admin work during school or through work. I was able to also speak to some other professors and teachers who study different subjects which was also really helpful as they all had different aspects of psychology so I learnt more.

On the second day, using the work I produced on the previous day I began to create information packs with all the necessary documents, such as, information sheets and permission forms for parents. I addressed these letters and made them ready for sending. During the day I also had the chance to visit the Brookes baby lab, I was showed around and given a taste of what is done and researched within it.

husnaOn the final day, I had the opportunity to begin the day with visiting the baby lab once more. There was a child present so it was really interesting to see how they work with infants and the different aspects at which they look at. Also today, I have been looking through and finishing up some leaflets to do with Sian’s work and research projects for schools and groups. I was able to edit them and add some final touches which were fun.

Through this experience, I have been able to learn more and increase my knowledge of psychology and understand about the broad choices I have. It has helped me to think of my choices in the future and I am very happy to be more comfortable with those.

And, as last time, I have no regrets about having taken on a work experience student. Husna was very quick to pick up what researchers need to know about schools, and showed real enthusiasm for Psychology as a discipline.


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