A Week in the Life of a Post-Doc

Since I haven’t had much time to post earlier this week, I thought it might be interesting for you to see what I have been up to….here’s a diary of my working week this week:

Monday. I always start the day with email and Twitter (having looked at Facebook on the journey in). It being Monday, there were some student messages (yes, student messages) to deal with from the weekend, and a few interesting links to follow up (for example the one below).

I then worked out what needed to be done this week, and what needs to be done, if there’s time, but could wait. I worked on preparation for a friendship workshop for a primary school that I would be giving on Thursday – updating the materials and making sure I had enough evaluation forms and blu-tac.

Tuesday. After email, I worked on with some student-related admin., and started work on reporting the findings of a recent communications survey I ran as an ordinary member of the BPS Developmental Section. I was very glad that I taught first year stats this year (not sure I would have remembered how to produce effective tables, or that I would know how to get data from Google to SPSS otherwise), and I wrote the findings up. They should be on the website soon – but to give you a sneak preview – email from the Section is a popular means of communication – and members like to receive our newsletter in hard copy 🙂

The afternoon was taken up with a staff meeting. I agreed to teach on a new module the Department will be running in the Autumn term. Having asked for advice at the meeting about the student admin., I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing off my work on that.

Wednesday.  On Wednesday, I met with an student from the School of Education, who would be helping me with the workshops on Thursday (since one workshop has over 50 children in it) and showed her the materials, and talked them through. I then had a ‘phone call with a co-author on a paper, about some stats that are doing my head in I’m finding tricky,  and he says he can re-code the data to make the analysis possible, and in line with previous work in the area. All good :-). There was another staff meeting on Wednesday afternoon where I presented a report.

After that, I needed to prepare a precis of the teaching I intend doing on the new module (see Tuesday), including a seminar plan. Worked out what that might be, and sent it off in the right direction.

Thursday. Met with the student from Education early today, and we made our way to the primary school. I was there all day, doing an assembly, and then four workshops.


Whole school assembly – question time 🙂

It was generally good – the children still like the assembly, and most year groups worked well together. I’ll need to structure the workshop more closely for Year 1 pupils next time I do it – they need more adult input and guidance than I realized.

Although school finished at 3.00pm, I came home after the workshop ended: I was too  tired to do any more.

Friday.   Paper is heavy!  I bus-ed / walked all the evaluation forms back to the office, and sorted them through. The vast majority are positive (yay!) and a couple really made me smile:

My workshops are awesome 🙂

This afternoon, I met with a student doing an Independent Study module dissertation, to discuss his area of interest, and then with a colleague in Psychology to discuss a grant proposal we’re working on. We think we can stream two ideas together quite nicely – I just need to review the pertinent literature now to check that this is the case, and we’ll meet in a few weeks’ time.

And now I want to plan out what needs to be done next week, when the work will start over again ….


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