Researcher’s First Radio Interview

Had something of a baptism of fire last week, when the BBC published an article relating to research on the Humour and Bullying Project and it was picked up by BBC Oxford.

photo (7)

And I got an email whilst en route from the project dissemination event  at Keele University to Oxford on Wednesday asking if I’d be prepared to give them an interview. Gah.

I did give an interview (following a very nerve-ridden train ride home) and it was okay (according to the other researchers on the project). If you really want to, you can hear it at this link:

I also followed it up with an interview with the Communications Officer at Brookes, and they published a piece on their news pages.

Several things I learnt that day:

  1. Don’t take a day of annual leave following a project event. Or if you do take a day of annual leave, do note that it won’t be a day of annual leave: it will be a day of emailing. 
  2. Always stay on email: the opportunity would have passed by, had I not kept checking my email. 
  3. Communications Officers are wonderful people. They do the negotiating with the press, and make sure that the story that you want to tell isn’t adversely distorted. 
  4. Do take the opportunity to be pre-recorded. This, at least, reduced my nerves a little, as I knew it could be re-done if necessary.
  5. Do grab the opportunity, because it’s worth it in the end. 

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