Postgraduate Research Symposium

People really are friendly here. I’ve spent today at a research student symposium for the faculty. I went mainly to be nosy and to find out what is going on in the Department, and the School more generally. It turn out that there is some really interesting research happening, into alcohol consumption, psychopathology, and handwriting, to name but a few. Not many students presented results, (and why would they?) but the ideas they have are top-notch, and their presentation-style second-to-none.

In fact, I’ve noted some of their ideas for presenting my own research in the future. One student had a QR code link to her website on her poster, and another had an interactive task mid-presentation that got everyone engaged.

Also got to talk to some of the said students, and to meet other staff in the School, over lunch, tea and biscuits. There doesn’t seem to be a departmental staff/research student tea and biscuit time of the week, as there was at Cardiff and Keele Universities, so this time was invaluable. And everyone is so lovely.


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